DGST Final

Final Proposal

For my DGST final, I’d like to create a 2 part video series where I simulate an entirely different and new NBA decade via NBA 2K23. In this series I’ll let fate and AI decide how the entirety of the 1990-2000 NBA decade will play out and view how much different it is from our own 1990-2000 NBA decade. The reason why I chose to specifically focus on the 90’s era is because, it is simply my favorite era of basketball. One notable thing about this series is that I’ll the game play out the entirety of the 1980’s era, doing a prologue bit at the beginning of the series, and then having the game simulate the 2000-modern era, doing an epilogue bit at the end of the video series.

What inspired me to do this was the YouTube channel Secret Base as they have a 4 part series called, we ruined the NBA’s past with a video game. For my project, both videos would be about 5-7 minutes as I plan to spend about a minute on each NBA season and go over only major things like big trades, who’s progressing or regressing, and who won the major NBA awards including the Larry O’Brien trophy. For this project I will be using features like Adobe Premiere Pro, the recording booth in the HCC, and Soundtrap to help edit and process my videos. I think this would be a fun and interesting project for me to do as it contains two of my favorite things, video editing and the NBA.

(P.S. Seriously Professor Cartland, check out this series when you get a chance. The analyzation done by the creator of the series and seeing how certain rules that are implemented during this simulation can change the entirety of how an NBA game is played is crazy.)

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