A Quick Tour of my Guitars

My Guitar Collection Tour

In my most recent YouTube video that I made, I gave a quick tour of 3 of my favorite guitars that I own. In this video, I go over what made me purchase each guitar and what modifications I’ve added to them over time. The goal of this video is to share my interest with other people and hopefully inspire others to pick up the guitar.

The Process

The process of making this YouTube video was a bit more difficult and time consuming than my podcast. For starters, I had to do separate recordings for both audio and video.

The Audio Process

For the audio recording, I used the recording studio that is located in the HCC at the University of Mary Washington. For the audio editing, I used Soundtrap.com as I relied heavily on the audio fade options the site offered, so I could make my video sound clean and professional. The hardest part I had with the audio editing was balancing the song I had playing in the background with my speaking parts. However, I was able to overcome this and have it balance out pretty well.

The Filming Process

For the filming process, I used a canon camera and tripod kit that I rented out from the HCC located at the University of Mary Washington. I’m no stranger when it comes to operating a camera, so I had a much easier time with it than I did with the audio mixing, however I still did run into some problems. The biggest problem I had were getting some of my tracking shots of my guitars, especially the headstock on my blue guitar. The strings of course poked out at me and I had to be careful when operating the camera because I didn’t want to the strings to touch the lens and possibly scratch it. Overall, the filming processes was fun and easy as I was able to get some neat shots of my guitars

Song Credits

The song that I used for my video was titled Marcus, which can be found on the website Mixkit.com


Hello, and welcome to my YouTube channel. In today’s video, I’d like to give a quick tour Of my three favorite guitars that I own. 

The first guitar that I want to showcase is my blue-burst Ibanez Gio. This is the first guitar that I bought and what intrigued me was the color of the guitar and how Ibanez’s are known to be a good starter guitar for playing metal. A couple of modifications that I’ve made to this guitar include putting heavier strings on it so I’m able to play in the range of tuning of bands like Slipknot and System of a Down and another attribute is that I’ve left the headstock strings uncut In order to pay homage to my favorite guitarist, Tom Morello. 

Moving on to my second guitar We have the purple Jackson Dinky JS32. The reason why I got this guitar is once again the color with purple being my favorite color and a lot of my favorite guitarists use Jacksons. I haven’t made any modifications to this guitar because it’s my favorite. However, I have put lighter strings on it so I can play more 80’s metal songs from bands like Slayer and Megadeth.

Moving on to my last guitar This is my custom 7-string, which I got off of Reverb.com. I was interested in getting a 7-string because I grew up listening to Korn and I wanted to be able to play their music. What’s unique about this guitar is the black, gold, and silver swirled paint job and the skull shaped kill switch which I installed myself to pay homage to guitarist, Buckethead. 

I want to say thank you for watching this quick tour of my guitar collection and I hope it inspired you to pick up the guitar for yourself one day. Catch ya later.

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