Site Identity & Header

Site Identity

For my site identity, I felt like having a circular image with somewhat bright colors would help make my site pop with vibrance and also be easy to see when someone has a bunch of tabs open when they try to navigate back to the site.

A photo of three circles on top of each other with the largest one yellow, medium size one green, and smallest one purple. In the center on the purple circle is a green skinned goblin in a purple cloak, grinning with yellow teeth. Above the goblin on the green circle is the words funky and on the bottom of the green circle, Goblin. To the left of the Goblin on the purple circle is the abbreviation for the word established and to the right of the Goblin is the year 2023

(Image made by me on Vectr with Goblin photo made by Openclipart-vectors)

The Process

To make my site identity, I used the colors yellow, green, and purple to help match the photo of the goblin that is my logo. To help give some depth and smoothness to the circles that are layered on top of each other, I added shadows to each and then blurred them till it got to a point that I liked. The EST 2023 is in a dark yellowish font to help compliment the purple circle. Checkered text is favorite style of mine and the font that I used felt a bit cartoony that I think help fits the theme of my site.

Header Image

For my header image, I wanted to keep it simple with just the website title, but having a nice text font to keep it interesting. In this image is also a photo of another goblin but it’s different from my logo. What’s nice is that while these goblins are different, their art style feels the same.

A black brick background with the word funky in red neon text in the center and the word Goblin in red neon text under it. To the right of the word goblin is a picture of a little green goblin holding a brown club.

(Image made by me on Canva)

The Process

To make my header image, I used the website Canva. I made my main background just a simple black brick background. For the words Funky Goblin, I found a neon style text called Pizza Party that I used as I feel like it’s an eye-catcher as the font that is used is very unique. To fill in some of the dead space in the image, I found a free to use image on Canva of a goblin holding a club. I used this photo because I feel like it match the style of my logo and I like the cartoonish of it.

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