Logos & Licenses

 CC BY 4.0 

  • For this website, I chose to use the copyright license CC by 4.0. The reason why I chose this copyright license is because, while I want my work to be shared and remixed by people, I do want the credit for owning/making the original piece

Logo/Site Identity Image

A cartoonish drawing of a green goblin in a purple cloak that is smiling with yellow teeth.
Original photo from OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay
  • I chose this image as my logo because I love the art style that this goblin is drawn in. It’s not a goofy comical drawing of a goblin, instead it looks like something out of an old school pulp comic book. Pulp style art is one of my personal favorites and it’s a style I’ve been working on forever.

Header Image

An orange UFO ship in the middle of a blue sky. A light blue cylinder beam is exiting the bottom of the ship
Original photo from Peter-Lomas on Pixalbay
  • For my header image, I chose a UFO in the sky. The reason why I chose this photo is because, as a kid I’ve always been fascinated by aliens and the unknown. One of my favorite things to draw and make animations about in my spare time are UFOs and aliens.

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